Sexual Massage for Women Only/Japan Okinawa Naha City

This is a women only massage

Onsite massage at your hotel or home

(Massage for women by male therapist, Naha, Okinawa)

(Gentleness) and (cleanliness) are important to us.

I would be happy to see an advanced society where women can more easily and safely think about their “sexual health” and feel free to receive massages for women

This is a women’s sex massage in Naha, Okinawa where you will feel dense moisture in the center of your body and relax your mind and body.

We would be happy if you could use this service when you want to heal or refresh your body and mind.

Women’s sex services by male therapists are very important for sexual health. I also think that sexual health is a very important thing that leads to the health of mind and body. We hope you will use our women’s sex services to energize your energy for tomorrow.

(*Many local Okinawan women and women staying in Naha City on business or for sightseeing feel free to use this esthetic salon for relaxation.)

If you or your friends are planning to spend New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day in Naha on a trip to Okinawa, we would be happy if you would use or introduce us to our women’s massage Uwanosora.

We will be open for treatment during the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s holidays, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

We accept reservations.

We would be happy to hear from any and all adult women who would like to get in touch with us. Best regards!

Okinawa Naha Female Entertainment (On-site massage by a male therapist)

Okinawa Naha City massage for women by male therapist

Women’s Massage [Uwanosora] in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, is a business trip service for women that offers healing of mind and body with the concept of comprehensive healing for women including sexual and oil massage ( esthetic salon exclusively for women).

I hope that by stopping for a moment to look at ourselves, we can help others to feel content, healthy, and positive.

We would be happy if we could be one of the kicks for you to positively refresh and enjoy your life positively with a female style massage by a male therapist.

  • Fulfill your feelings and stay healthy!
  • I want to refresh myself!
  • I’m interested!
  • I am interested in!
  • I’m interested!
  • We would be very happy if you could use our Uwano Kuu healing massage for various purposes, such as feeling the moisture in the center of your body.

    Maybe you are unknowingly accumulating stress and fatigue and are not in good physical and mental health.

    Also, the harder you work each day, the more tired you may feel and the more you may be burdened at work, at home, and in many other situations.

    Then there may be many women who are bothered by private issues such as sexual problems that they cannot discuss with anyone.

    I think there are also physical and emotional changes associated with hormonal balance.

    I would be happy to help you in any way that I can to be positive and like yourself.

    But compared to men, there are still very few spaces where women can refresh themselves in a positive way and heal both body and soul ‘casually’ and ‘safely’.

    I believe that listening to your body in the female sex industry is not something to be ashamed of as a form of mental health and beauty care.

    And I think it’s wonderful that your body center is moist and your mind is relaxed.

    Women’s business trip massage “Uwanosora” hopes to help heal the mind and body of such women, even if only a little.

    I would be very happy if you could gently unwind and refresh your stiffness and fuzziness.

    We want to heal your body and mind by feeling the deep lymphatic flow with relaxation dense oil massage (treatment) using oil by big and warm hands peculiar to male therapists.

    And we want you to feel dense moisture in the center of your body with a full body slow healing treatment.

    ↓The two treatments are a set.

    Two treatments.

    • Dense oil massage
    • .

    • Full body slow healing treatment

    *The Dense Oil Massage is a hot oil massage that relaxes the deep lymphatic area centering on the décolleté bust and i-line with the “massage” of moderate pressure applied by the warm palms and fingers of the male therapist and the dense soft touch. This is a hot oil massage that relaxes the deep lymphatic system, especially the décolleté, bust, and i-line, with a dense soft touch. (The pressure can be adjusted to your preference.)

    What is a hot oil massage?

    *The Full Body Slow Healing Treatment is a deep treatment that relaxes you with deep, intense moisture in the center of your body while you feel the warm hands and body temperature of our male therapist on your body that has been relaxed with a dense oil massage. (We will counsel you in advance and tailor the treatment to your preferences.)

    What is full body slow healing?

    We at “Uwonosora” do our best to massage you with the hope that you can release some of your stress and feel deeply relaxed.

    Feel the deep lymphatic flow and be soothed by the large, warm palms of our male therapists.

    What kind of people are our customers? | Okinawa Naha City Women’s Massage “Uwanosora”

    What are the ages of the customers of Uwanosora, a massage service for women in Naha, Okinawa?

    What age group is using the healing ladies’ esthetic salon?

    Uwanosora serves mainly women in their 50s, 60s, and 40s, with customers in their 30s to 70s.

    (All gentle mature women are welcome!)

    As much as possible, we place importance on creating an environment where women of all ages can feel safe and easy to receive healing and massage.

    What reasons do your customers use your services?

    There are various motives for customers to use “Uwanosora”, a women-only massage service in Naha, Okinawa.

    Women who are interested in a full body slow healing massage (treatment) where they feel deep lymphatic flow and dense moisture in the center of their mind and body.

    Those who use it regularly for health purposes as a form of beauty in order to keep women forever.

    And women who want to refresh their tired minds and bodies.

    If you are interested in ladies esthetics by men’s therapists.

    If you are interested in a business trip massage or dispatch massage for women

    If you are interested in the female sex industry.

    In summary,

    1. For beauty and health
    2. To be feminine
    3. For a change of pace

    To enrich your life, we use it as one of our health purposes.

    (*Some customers come for the intense oil massage before the full body slow healing. Tired shoulders, neck, back, legs, groin and pubic bone are massaged by warm, large male palms & soft touch to remove daily stress and fatigue while feeling deep lymphatic circulation).

    Also, each of us has various motives for using Uwanokora’s services, such as wanting someone to listen to our sexual concerns and desires that we normally would not be able to share with anyone. (If you have any wishes or requests, we would be happy to work with you to see if we can make them come true.)

    And many of our customers are interested in women’s esthetics to “get to know their bodies” as their bodies change.

    It may be that by healing both body and mind, hormones are balanced and beauty benefits can be expected.

    Okinawa Naha City Women's Only Massage

    If any one of these applies to you, we would be happy to have you contact Uwanosora, our traveling massage for women.

    • I’m interested
    • I want to maintain my femininity
    • Want to refresh

    Please do.

    I want to refresh myself after a business trip or trip to Okinawa!

    Not only in their hometown (Okinawa), but also during their travel to Okinawa or business trip to Okinawa, many customers wish to treat themselves to a women’s esthetic treatment for their tired body and mind. Many customers wish to heal their tired bodies and minds at our women’s esthetic salons.

    (*We will strictly protect your privacy, so we hope you can use our services with peace of mind.)

    (*Your privacy is strictly protected.

    Many of our female customers use Uwanokora’s healing treatments on their business trips or vacations to Okinawa. Some of our regular customers say they look forward to Uwanokora’s business trip massage whenever they go to Okinawa. (Thank you!)

    When you come to Okinawa on a trip or business trip, we hope you will refresh your mind and body with Uwanosora’s oil massage and full body healing treatments.

    (* We only travel to Naha City, so on the last day, you may stay at a hotel in Naha City and use the Uwanokora healing treatment.)

    *I would really like to go on a business trip to the whole Okinawa area if you contact me, but I don’t have the means of transportation (I don’t have a car…). I am sorry, but I don’t have the means of transportation (I don’t have a car…). If you can pick me up in your car, I would be happy to travel anywhere for a massage.

    Inquiries for same-day reservations may overlap, especially on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), so we recommend advance reservations according to the length of your stay in Okinawa.

    It is rare that we are unable to reply to your mobile email (au, docomo, Softbank) inquiry. (Sorry.) We are afraid that Gmail may be blocked, so we would appreciate it if you could change your settings or contact us from Google Gmail, Yahoo mail, or iphone mail.
    Sorry for the trouble.


    We wish to accept and massage all women as much as possible

    Women’s travel massage “Uwanosora” is used by everyone with a variety of backgrounds.

    For example, if any of the following apply to you, we recommend the women’s massage “Uwonosora”.

    1. I am interested in ladies’ esthetic salons
    2. I want to relax
    3. I can take time for myself

    Most of our female clients who sign up for the first time for a women’s massage “Uwonosora” are half curious and half anxious.

    Some of our female clients have been struggling for a long time before sending out their first email.

    Each customer has a different living environment, background, and other circumstances that make them feel uneasy and lost.

    “Am I even allowed to inquire?” If you are not sure, why don’t you send us an email and let’s talk. We can have a chat!

    Maybe my age is ok? Is my body shape ok? I think there are many kind people who are concerned about this.

    You may be hesitant to inquire because of your own age or shape, but she is a terrific woman just for having that kind heart.

    Any kind woman is welcome, I know it takes a lot of courage, but please feel free to email me.

    Waiting for your email.

    I’m so sorry I let you get lost for days.

    We would be happy to hear from you more readily.

    First time visitors

    We would like to accept all women as much as possible, so please contact us. We can also specialize our treatments exclusively for you, and we would be happy to provide you with the full-body healing of our women-only massage “Uwanosora”.

    *It is nothing to be ashamed of that human beings have sexual desire. It is good to use women’s esthetic salons (women’s sex clubs and sex clubs) to enrich your mind and satisfy your energy for tomorrow by satisfying your sexual desire.
    I think that people are healed by touching the warmth of skin and feel gentle.

    Women’s business trip massage Uwanosora wishes to be a healing space where you can face yourself.

    We would be very happy if you could use our women’s esthetic salon to refresh your body and mind and feel “Let’s start working hard tomorrow! We would be very happy if you could use our women’s esthetic salon to refresh your body and mind, and feel the desire to “go for it tomorrow!

    We welcome even the most curious inquiries.

    Can I have the procedure done confidentially?

    Women-only massage Uwa no Sora offers a method of contact that takes your situation into consideration and preserves the confidentiality of the relationship, including the details of the treatment.

    Because of the nature of our work, Uwanosora is recommended for clients who wish to receive massages confidentially. Is confidentiality ensured?

    From reservation to treatment|Okinawa Prefecture Naha City Women’s Esthetic salon

    After several rounds of correspondence from your inquiry, we will send you the necessary information (counseling and confirmation of service details) by e-mail. Only those customers who are satisfied with the content of the service fill out the form and reply to it will be able to make a reservation.

    Your reservation will be completed upon confirmation of the required information in the reply.

    I will tell you about the process from reservation to treatment at the women-only massage “Uwonosora”.

    1. Make an inquiry
    2. Set an appointment date
    3. Counseling
    4. Schedule same-day treatment

    Only customers who have inquired by email and are satisfied with our services are allowed to make reservations.

    On the day of the massage, a male therapist will provide on-site massage treatment at a designated location.

    Before the treatment, we will confirm your requests based on the consultation you have given us in advance.

    You will warm up in the shower/bath, change into paper shorts and begin the oil massage while covered with a bath towel. Then we move on to the healing treatment for the whole body.

    (You will be asked to take a shower before the massage, so even those who are concerned about etiquette can receive the massage with peace of mind.)

    * Paper shorts will be provided.

    Although we have briefly described the process from reservation to treatment, we would appreciate it if you would feel free to contact us by e-mail or other means to communicate with us fully and satisfy your needs before we perform the treatment.

    Basic Philosophy|Okinawa Naha City Women’s Only Massage “Uwanosora”

    Relaxation massage “Uwanosora” provides a space that affirms all women on the basis of security and trust.

    As a relaxation massage exclusively for women, we focus on two values: practicing customer satisfaction principle and respecting mutual benefits with our business partners.

    And to meet the expectations of all our customers and business partners, we will fulfill our social responsibility, always valuing the spirit of “Motion” in challenge and the heart of “Stillness” in humility and compassion.

    Vision|Okinawa Naha City Women’s Only Massage “Uwanosora”

    Male therapists at Okinawa Naha City women's massage heal women with the palm of their hand

    Make women happy with your fingertips

    Women’s Relaxation Massage Uwanosora has consistently and earnestly provided supportive care for women’s minds and bodies through massage (treatments) since its opening.

    There are many definitions of supportive care, but we at Uwanokora Women’s Massage believe that supportive care is about freeing oneself from everyday stress, restoring a sense of happiness and fulfillment, and fulfilling a sense of self-esteem.

    Trust and security are very important in massage.

    This is a profession that can only be established on a foundation of trust and security.

    I think of “trust” and “security” in this way.

    “Be treated with integrity”

    “Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes”

    Women-only massage “Uwanosora” pledges to strive to provide a healing and peaceful space.

    Basic Information|Okinawa Naha City Women’s Only Massage “Uwanosora”

    Male therapist in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan, women-only relaxation massage

    Women-only Massage Uwanosora has obtained a business license so that customers can use it as a relaxation esthetic salon safely and securely, and we treat them with all our heart.

    (*Non-store sex establishment/notified)

    business hoursReservation required
    Time (negotiable)
    For First Time Users For First Time Users
    For Women Only Sexual Massage【uwanosora】Courses and fees
    120 minutes / Regular course●120 minutes / Regular course (16,500 yen)
    180 minutes, Intensive Course●180 minutes, intense course (22,000 yen) *Recommended for tired bodies and minds

    *We are not looking for staff.