Erotic massage for women “Uwano Sora” Naha City, Okinawa

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Onsite massage at your hotel or home

Women-only business trip massage to Naha City is performed in dim lighting.

Massage for women only

I would be happy if women’s massage became a common practice in terms of sexual health and the awareness that maintaining a healthy sexuality is very important for the mind and body, and if it became a progressive society where people could easily receive a massage like a psychotherapist or a dentist.

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Erotic massage for women 「uwanosora’s」 ideas

Uwa no Sora, a women’s only massage in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, is a women’s only massage based on the concept of comprehensive women’s healing such as sensual and oil massage, and allows you to feel rich moisture in the center of your body and relax both mind and body. .

We value (kindness) and (cleanliness).

We would be happy if you could use it when you want to heal or refresh your mind and body.

From the perspective of sexual health, women’s massages are becoming more and more widely recognized as being extremely important for maintaining sexual health in terms of mental and physical health. I would be happy if we became a society

Many women from Okinawa, as well as women staying in Naha City for business or sightseeing, feel free to use it as a relaxing experience. )

We will travel to your home or hotel in Naha city.

(*If you can pick us up in your car and drive us back to Naha, we can also provide massages outside of Naha.)

course fee

For Women Only Sexual Massage【uwanosora】Courses and fees
120 minutes / Regular course●120 minutes / Regular course (16,500 yen)
180 minutes, Intensive Course●180 minutes, intense course (22,000 yen) *Recommended for tired bodies and minds

Payment is cash only. (Sorry)

What is the full body slow healing treatment?

Slow healing for the whole body is a soothing treatment that invites you to climax while feeling the gentle touch of a man’s big, warm hands.

This is a treatment that fills the deep joy of being a woman while being conscious of the flow of lymph, and fills the gaps in your heart by getting to know yourself by feeling the dense moisture in the center of your mind and body.

The man’s warm, large palms and fingers reach deep into your body for an intense treatment that slowly heals your whole body. Moisturizing the mucous membranes in the delicate zone is recommended as vaginal care.

Before we begin, we will provide you with a consultation and provide you with gentle, thorough body care that meets your needs, so please rest assured. The full body slow healing massage is also recommended for those who want to start vaginal massage.

In a room with the lights dimmed to the limit, a rich oil massage will soothe your mind and body, and once your mind and body are in good shape, proceed to a healing treatment (slow healing for the whole body).

Before the treatment, we will provide counseling and listen to the customer’s wishes and proceed slowly and carefully.We will provide you with a deep healing experience that will leave your mind and body relaxed. Please.

In particular, our full body slow healing treatments have been well received by customers in their 40s, 30s, and 60s, with a focus on women in their 50s.

(*Recommended for women of all generations! Please feel free to contact us.)

Will the secret be kept?

Contact us>>

What is the content of dense oil massage?

A rich oil massage is performed before the full body slow healing treatment.

Dense oil massage starts by massaging the customer’s tired body and gradually moves to massage deeper parts of the body.

Deep and rich soft massage by the man’s large, warm hands from the décolleté to the bust (the entire bust including the nipples), pubic bone, groin and I-line (including mucous membranes), which stimulates deep lymphatic flow. You will feel the rich moisture in the center of your body and relax.

This is a popular treatment that thoroughly, slowly, and gently cares for your whole body.

Just being touched by a man’s warm, large palm has the effect of healing you, and is a luxurious double treatment that incorporates a deep lymphatic massage and a hot oil massage. .

While feeling the deep lymph flow through slow touch to the pubic bone, groin, and I-line (including mucous membranes), in a dimly lit room, with warm, large hands. I hope you are healed.

In addition to the oil massage that soothes your body’s fatigue, the soothing and relaxing effects of the sensual (healing) massage make this a popular treatment that will leave you feeling moisturized in the center of your body.

A relaxation massage that removes fatigue from the body and mind.

We will explain the process of the massage.

After receiving your email inquiry, we will schedule a consultation via email to determine your preferred date, time, and location.

After confirming the counseling by e-mail, your reservation will be completed.

On the day of the appointment, we will either visit you at your home or meet you near your hotel.

Contact will be made by e-mail.

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For Women Only Sexual Massage【uwanosora】Courses and fees
120 minutes / Regular course●120 minutes / Regular course (16,500 yen)
180 minutes, Intensive Course●180 minutes, intense course (22,000 yen) *Recommended for tired bodies and minds